Why Homoeopathy?

Homeopathic_medicineHomoeopathic treatment is second most widely used in India, UK and some Europe countries. Homoeopathic medicines are mainly extracted from natural resources and diluted with water or alcohol and shaken by hard strikes against an elastic body in a process homeopaths call “succession” or “Potentisation”. Homoeopath believes that vital energy of that Homoeopathic remedy substance will be activated because of high diluting the substance and this process provides the remedies capable of stimulating the body’s natural healing forces.
Since Homoeopathy treatment is based on “law of minimum dose”, chances of getting side effects through Homoeopathic medicines are minimal. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole by considering patient’s physical, mental, and emotional state. Homoeopathy tries to uproot the disease from human body and avoids the disease to reoccur. Homoeopathy medicines are considered to be safe, effective and regains equilibrium of human body with no side effects.





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